Why is Home Court Advantage a thing? [Part 1]

Using statistics to understand why teams play better at home

As basketball fans know, our beloved announcers all have their pet sayings when calling games: Mike Breen’s “BANG!” after big shots, Mark Jackson’s “Hand down, man down” (which doesn’t really make sense), Hubie Brown’s “Now now, come on now”. One of my favorite announcers though is Jeff Van Gundy because of all his random ideas and thoughts he spurts out on every broadcast.

Usually, a lot of Jeff’s thoughts are just dumb things he says to kill time during blowouts, but there is one point he consistently makes that has interested me for a while. Why do teams always play better at home? After all, the rims are still 10 ft. tall, the ball’s the same, the coaches and players are the same, and the court is still 94×50 ft. of hardwood no matter where you play.  Continue reading “Why is Home Court Advantage a thing? [Part 1]”