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What effect will ads on NBA jerseys have?

NBA owners have approved the inevitable– that is, ads on the seemingly precious real-estate that we call jerseys. For years, owners have debated the pros and cons of stitching logos for an anticipated additional 100mm to 150mm of revenue per year. If the goal is to maximize profits for owners, then the anticipated additional 3% of revenue (150mm/5.2b) makes sense from an economic perspective. Or, maybe the League’s owners were hoping that these ads would serve as a distraction from the foul play that Knicks fans were forced to endure this past year. I wonder if a 2.5in by 2.5in Gatorade logo on a gargantuan Serge Ibaka could be confused for the OKC Thunder logo by some? After the past many months of this electoral season, nothing surprises me anymore.

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