The Biggest Problem with the New York Knicks

Thoughts from a lifetime New York Knicks fan

The Eddy Curry era in New York was one of the worst time as a true Knicks fan. Isaiah Thomas was from Chicago and he felt that Eddy Curry, who was having one of the best years of his life, would morph the Knicks into one of the better teams in the league. Isaiah decided that the Knicks were ready to win now and he was willing to trade the future for players like Eddy Curry. So the Knicks traded 2 first round picks and received one Bulls first round pick. The first round picks the Knicks gave up ended up being one of the best players in the league LaMarcus Aldridge and the newest Knick Joakim Noah. The Knicks received Wilson Chandler with their first round pick, who was a nice role player but never was anything like the other Aldridge or prime-Noah.

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