Sharing is Caring?

An analytical look at the value of balanced offense distribution

When you think about a balanced offense, the first team that comes to mind is probably the San Antonio Spurs. Popovich’s beautiful passing offense truly feels like every player touches the rock and gets offensive opportunities. This well balanced sharing based offense has been not only well respected by many peer coaches, but has also produced one of the most consistently successful franchises in NBA history. With a resumé like that it should be easy to argue that the aim of every basketball team should be to have a balanced offense. But it’s also hard to deny the fact that having a superstar on the floor can also have some pretty profound effects on a team’s success.

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A Dream Deferred

Thoughts on Kevin Durant joining the Warriors

moment of silence for my dreams


To be honest, that dream looked more and more shaky watching the Thunder take the Western Conference by storm.

When I started writing my little pitch on Durant joining the Celtics I assumed the Thunder would get pummeled by the then immortal Spurs. I was hopeful that the resulting semifinal exit would be enough to steer Durant away from the Thunder and the Western Conference altogether, and it really looked like that would be the case after the blowout win by the Spurs in game 1.  I was sure that Durant would be watching the Western Conference Finals—the match-up we all thought would happen—from the sad comfort of his home. That didn’t happen.

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The Second Coming: A Celtics Fan’s Dream

Why Kevin Durant should wear Green

Another exciting Celtics season capped by another disappointing first round exit. Just when I thought we were primed for a deeper playoff push, the last minute four-way regular season tie left us without home court, an unfavorable matchup with the Hawks (1-3 in regular season), and the unfortunate loss of Avery Bradley in the first game of the series. The rest is in the books and I’m not here to relive a painful Game 5 shellacking or a Game 6 brick fest at home. Instead, I’m here to look ahead and do what fans do best when their teams are knocked out early: make wild speculations about the off-season, play fantasy GM, and pretend to know what I’m talking about. And to kick off this deeply scientific and non-biased dive into what-ifs, We Need to Talk About Kevin…

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