The Expected Return of each NBA Draft Position

Quantifying relative draft position value by analyzing Wins Over Replacement vs. Salary

Every year, 30 teams led by the greatest coaches and basketball players in the world grind it out to win the last game of the season. The brightest basketball minds search desperately to find the right mixture of talent, coaching, and star power, and pray for a little bit of luck. But before the season starts, before the games are played, the outcome has already been decided.

“Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

“Championships are won with defense” the cliche goes, but in reality, championships are won with a single phone call to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn long before a season begins. Before a brush is lifted, the canvas must first be prepared. For every team, there is no event of greater importance than the NBA Draft.

The Draft. Where dynasties are built on the back of a Tim Duncan, or where franchises are sucked into lottery hell by a Darko Miličić. An event where not a single basketball is dribbled, but one that determines the fate of billion-dollar franchisees for years to come. I am absolutely fascinated by it.  Continue reading “The Expected Return of each NBA Draft Position”

The Biggest Problem with the New York Knicks

Thoughts from a lifetime New York Knicks fan

The Eddy Curry era in New York was one of the worst time as a true Knicks fan. Isaiah Thomas was from Chicago and he felt that Eddy Curry, who was having one of the best years of his life, would morph the Knicks into one of the better teams in the league. Isaiah decided that the Knicks were ready to win now and he was willing to trade the future for players like Eddy Curry. So the Knicks traded 2 first round picks and received one Bulls first round pick. The first round picks the Knicks gave up ended up being one of the best players in the league LaMarcus Aldridge and the newest Knick Joakim Noah. The Knicks received Wilson Chandler with their first round pick, who was a nice role player but never was anything like the other Aldridge or prime-Noah.

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The Great Wall of Yao

Revisiting incredible stories from Yao Ming’s biography

Whenever I talk to someone about basketball, one question I always get asked is “You’re from New York right, so why are you a fan of the Houston Rockets?” Well, two words. Yao Ming. 

Yao inspired me to start following basketball roughly 14 years ago, and even though he retired in 2011, I will always be a Rockets fan first and Knicks fan second. Yao has written two books – a biography in 2004 on his rookie season, and “A Journey in Africa (Chinese Edition)” in 2014 advocating wildlife animal protection.

After reading Yao Ming’s Players Tribune article, I re-read his 2004 biography, YAO: A Life in Two Worlds, last week and found a lot of interesting stories, ideas and quotes that I think readers will really appreciate.

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#ForgottenFridays – Jason Kapono

Revisiting players who have quietly disappeared from the league.

In this weekly series, we revisit players who were once valuable contributors and maybe even well known during their NBA careers, but have since quietly disappeared from the league. The kind of players who make you go “Oh yeah! I remember that guy”.

This week, we will cover 2K legend – Jason Kapono. Continue reading “#ForgottenFridays – Jason Kapono”