#ForgottenFridays – Von Wafer

Revisiting players who have quietly disappeared from the league.

In this weekly series, we revisit players who were once valuable contributors and maybe even well known during their NBA careers, but have since quietly disappeared from the league. The kind of players who make you go “Oh yeah! I remember that guy”.

This week, we will cover Houston Rockets fan favorite – Von Wafer.

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A Dream Deferred

Thoughts on Kevin Durant joining the Warriors

moment of silence for my dreams


To be honest, that dream looked more and more shaky watching the Thunder take the Western Conference by storm.

When I started writing my little pitch on Durant joining the Celtics I assumed the Thunder would get pummeled by the then immortal Spurs. I was hopeful that the resulting semifinal exit would be enough to steer Durant away from the Thunder and the Western Conference altogether, and it really looked like that would be the case after the blowout win by the Spurs in game 1.  I was sure that Durant would be watching the Western Conference Finals—the match-up we all thought would happen—from the sad comfort of his home. That didn’t happen.

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Nylon Calculus – Birthday Bias in the NBA

I recently wrote a guest column for Nylon Calculus investigating whether or not Birthday Bias exists in the NBA.

Check it out!

Freelance Friday: Birthday Bias in the NBA